Yoga & Surf Retreat

We are thrilled that you are considering immersing yourself in the enchanting experience of combining yoga and surfing in the midst of the beautiful landscape in the north of Spain, nestled between the ocean and pristine nature.

September is the perfect time to rejuvenate your soul for autumn, with ideal weather
temperatures and a delightful ritual to bid farewell to summer. This retreat offers an exclusive opportunity to delve deep into different styles of yoga (vinyasa & yin), gain knowledge about surfing to become a proficient surfer, and learn everything you need to know from a surfer with 15 years of experience. It provides a harmonious blend of self-discovery and holistic well-being amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Spain.


21.09 - 28.09

what's included?

5x vinyasa yoga

Cacao ceremony

5x yin yoga


5 x 1,5-2h surflessons

Free Surf time

Surf Theorie


Single or double room

Own toilet & bathroom

Only 7 min walk from the beach

Daily cleaning


7x healthy vegan breakfast buffet

6x healthy vegan dinner 

1x bbq

6x healthy vegan lunch 


Material included

Beach view

Big garden & outside terrace

Fresh coffee & tea 

Fresh food from professional chefs


Journaling workshop



You’ll embark on a transformative journey into the realm of yoga, embracing the best of both worlds (YIN & YANG). You’ll start your mornings with invigorating, more intense vinyasa flow classes, cultivating a harmonious blend of strength and flexibility. Evenings, on the other hand, will be sanctuary of restorative and relaxing practices — a soothing balm for your body and soul, designed to restore the balance of our yin and yang. Together, we´ll dive deeper into breath work, meditation and soul healing, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for your entire body. 


Hi I'm Lea

Hello, like-minded people!

I'm Lea, a 28-year-old yoga teacher based in the beautiful spots of Konstanz and Zurich, journeying across the globe to share the joy of yoga. Just a glimpse into who I am: I adore sports and movement (especially yoga & pilates), surfing, healthy & nourishing food,
and, during my travels I am hunting for the best coffee places of town
(my order: always a Cappuccino with oat milk, hihi).I'm beyond excited to be your guide for the upcoming yoga & surf retreat, and to get the chance to meet all your beautiful souls. Together, let's create unforgettable moments, grow, and simply revel in the joys of life.

meet the team


You will stay 7 night in this beautiful spanish house only 7minutes walk from the ocean. You will hear the wind and some local free range cows. Silence and peace will welcome you directly from the beginning. You will have your own bathroom and toilet in your shared or single room. 

A big garden will welcome you and two outisde terraces to enjoy the sun and the view. 

Hi, we are Jill and Chris
from Planticious Bliss!

Soulmates since 2014, based in Switzerland and sharing many interests. We’ve been gathering experience in different kitchens for more than ten years. We also love to explore the world in our selfbuilt campervan.
During our hikes and workouts we like to challenge ourselves to the maximum. We find the balance through great music, gathering with like-minded people, meditation and yoga.

Aside from our fascination with nature, we love to discover villages and cities where we gather inspiration from our visits to vegan cafes and restaurants.
More than four years ago, we decided to follow a plant based lifestyle, not only for our own personal health but as a contribution to the well-being of the environment.
As a result, we have developed an awareness of how plants can support your health by delivering nutrients and vitamins.

 "Eat the rainbow and let your health shine"

meet the team

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